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Age Calculator

To check your age, Please use these number format to check the age Formats : MM-DD-YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY  For Example : 01-10-1995 or 01/01/1995 Age Calculator Home About …

How to create a mobile app using 7 steps

Creating a mobile app requires several steps, including planning, designing, developing, testing, and deploying. Here is a general overview of the process: Define the purpose and scope of your app: Before you start building you…

How to connect api with html page

To connect an API with an HTML page, you can use a combination of JavaScript and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to make requests to the API and update your webpage with the data received. Here are the general steps: Creat…

How to create Hashtag Generator Tools of large text area in web page using html with refresh button

To create a hashtag generator web page using HTML with a refresh button, you can use the following code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html>   <head>     <title>Hashtag Generator</title>   </head>   <bod…

Hashtag Generator

Hashtag Generator A hashtag generator is a tool that creates hashtags (keywords or phrases preceded by the "#" symbol) from a given text. The hashtags generated by a hashtag generator can be used to categorize or gro…

How to create Color Picker Tools website

create a colour picker web page using HTML Color Picker Color Picker <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Color Picker</title> <style> …

Sentence Counter

Sentence Counter  Sentence Counter Sentence Counter Count Sentences Number of Sentences: Check 100+ More Tools Here

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