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Bullets and Lists tips for HTML

Bullets and Lists

These html tips and tricks will help you put bullets and lists on your blog.

Let's start with simple bullets.

For this html tip, look at this bullet:

  • This is next to a bullet

  • It was made with this simple HTML code:
    <li>This is next to a bullet</li>
    Insert the above code to your web page,
    and then change the message to suit you needs.

    ...And now let's end with more advanced tips, concerning lists.

    Bullets and Lists tips for HTML

    To make numbered bullets,
    1. Like these

    2. ones
    use this HTML code instead:
    <ol><li>Like these</li>

    Note that the <ol> is only put at the extremes of the list.

    There are also some tips and tricks that will allow different types of bullets:
    1. Lower Case Roman Numerals
    HTML Code:
    <ol type="i"><li>Lower Case Roman Numerals</li></ol>

    1. Upper Case Roman Numerals
    HTML Code:
    <ol type="I"><li>Upper Case Roman Numerals</li></ol>

    1. Lower Case Alphabet
    HTML Code:
    <ol type="a"><li>Lower Case Alphabet</li></ol>

    1. Upper Case Alphabet
    HTML Code:
    <ol type="A"><li>Upper Case Alphabet</li></ol>

    Finally, text inside these bullets can be formatted with this tip.

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